The Relationship Between The Recruiter and the Career Seeker

October 10, 2017 Blog

People often have the misconception that as a recruitment firm we find jobs for people.

ACTUALLY, our role is the other way around. We find the right people for specific positions in our client’s organizations. 

HOWEVER, it is true that we do connect with many people, and that is where career seekers come into play. When people who are looking to make a career move reach out to us, we may not be able to connect them instantly to an open position, yet we may be a good source just as they may be a potential future candidate for us should the right opportunity arise.

As a recruiter I make a commitment to my clients to help them secure a candidate who will meet their specific requirements for the position and fit well within the organization. When I source potential candidates, I also make sure that the role and the organization will meet the candidate’s expectation.


To be successful, people looking for new career opportunities need to make sure that the role they are applying for actually meets their expectations and that the organization’s mission and culture fit with their values.

Over the years, I have developed a list of questions that potential candidates can use to remind themselves of the big picture and to better market themselves for the right position.


  1. What are your values and what is a good fit for you?
  1. What are your career goals and what is the right position for you in the short term and the long term?
  1. What are the main highlights of your career so far and how they could be of interest to your next employer?
  1. How have you progressed over the years in terms of experience, continuing education, and skill set?
  1. What are your transferable skills and competencies that make you valuable?
  1. What are the accomplishments and experiences that would add value and make you the right candidate for the position?
  1. What are your expectations of an employer and company culture?

Although this list is by no means exhaustive, it should help candidates focus their career search and sharpen their résumé, while providing some answers that we will be looking for undoubtedly. This in turn, will help the us, the recruiter, better understand the career seeker and when approached, it is the right opportunity to make a career move.

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