People Strategies

Essence offers personalized HR Consulting focusing on your organization’s people strategies. A “people strategy” is a strategic plan that outlines the organization’s approach to its relationship with its employees to identify the right people with the right expertise and the right fit to work within the organization’s defined culture.

As important as your business strategy, your people strategy is an investment in your workforce. It’s an opportunity to review and revisit capabilities, leadership, accountabilities, and critical roles as you ensure the right people are in the right roles to deliver the right outcomes for your organization.

We offer a host of HR consulting services to help your organization drive performance, engage your people, achieve success, and plan for future growth. Together, we can ensure all your people understand and value your organization’s overall relationship with its employees.

Our expert HR consultants will work with you to develop people strategies tailored to your organization’s culture, needs, and vision.

People Strategies

Our People Strategy Services

Our HR consulting services are designed so you can choose an individual service or a group of services that meet your organization’s needs. We meet with you to understand your current situation and organizational goals and recommend the service (or group of services) that provides the best solution for you. Our services include the following:

Organizational reviews: 
If you need a new employee but are not sure whom you need, Essence can partner with you to get to know your organizational context and details. We will assist you in breaking down and re-creating your organizational chart to determine what position is needed and to ensure that it’s in line with organizational objectives.

Targeted recruitment strategies:
We can create a how-to guide for a targeted recruitment plan that includes appropriate tools and methods to guide you on how to start your recruitment search, where to go to find qualified candidates, and what to do once you have successfully sourced qualified candidates.

Creating job descriptions:
The creation of job descriptions is based on multiple information-gathering steps. During this process, Essence and your hiring team will meet to gather information based on candidate expectations, organization-specific details, and candidate fit with your organizational culture and values. Once all information is collected, we will prepare the job description.

Fielding applicant inquiries and managing applicants:
We can assist you with your recruiting process. Essence can be the contact person for all applicants, review and qualify resumes based on position criteria, and recommend who to promote to the interview round.

Providing a toolkit for an effective interview process:
We will create a package of resources that is appropriate for the position and for your organizational structure and culture. The toolkit will include a recommendation of steps and interview question templates that align with expectations for the role as well as the organization’s culture and the kind of candidate needed to fit into it.

Providing a toolkit to set up a successful compensation structure:
Compensation is one of the key motivators for employees, so having a consistent process in place when it comes to salaries, raises, and non-monetary rewards is very important. Essence can assess your current processes and provide you with the tools to set up a successful compensation structure to be communicated to your employees.

Orientation and on-boarding support:
At Essence, we believe that orientation and on-boarding are very different stages with distinct purposes. But they are interconnected and are both necessary for employee retention. Essence can assist you with the proper tools, procedures, and guidelines to help you get the most from your new hires.

Policy reviews:
You may need to review current policies such as dress code, vacation, sick time, or drug and alcohol policies, to name a few. At Essence, we can work with you on revising and updating a specific policy or an entire manual.

Employee handbooks:
It is not uncommon for the employee handbook to be out of date or non-existent in small and medium-sized businesses or not-for-profit organizations. Essence can create, update, or revise your employee handbook to ensure all information is current and accurate based on your organizational culture, requirements, and policies.

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