My organization is […] Can you confidently fill in the blank?

June 06, 2017 Blog

Recruiting is a perfect time for self-reflection, well, organizational self-reflection that is! To be able to hire the best person for the position, and prepare for the selection and interview process, you need to be able to answer of few questions yourself. How easily, confidently and accurately can you fill in the blank in the statement “My organization is…” or answer the question “How would you describe your organization?”

The hiring process should prompt you to assess your organization so you can be sure to bring in the right talent. So, when was the last time you thought about your organization’s vision, mission and goals? Have you updated them lately? If it has been a while, do they still reflect the organization today and its intended purpose? Have the values you relied on evolved over time or are they even more relevant today? Actually, what are those values? Can you name them? What are the organization’s commitments and why are they important? How do the organization and its employees demonstrate these commitments? To bring someone new in the fold you need a good understanding of the organization’s mission and the values and behaviours it relies on to accomplish its objectives, as this will help you determine the most appropriate type of person you will need to recruit.

Beyond a person’s education, training, skills and experience, they need to be able to “fit” within the organization. It means that new recruits have to be receptive and agreeable to adopt and share the organization’s vision, mission and values; they also have to be able to adapt, contribute and ultimately enhance the organization’s culture. Again, to be able to adequately assess potential recruits, you should be aware of your workplace culture. How would you define your current workplace culture? What makes your workplace unique and allows you to attract and retain talent? How would you describe interactions and interpersonal relations among peers and with management? What are some of the common behaviours and attitudes that differentiate your workplace from others or that are not tolerated? How do people communicate in the workplace? Would you consider the work environment as formal, informal or casual? What does your current team look like, is it diverse? Work practices, processes and policies also play a part in the culture in that they reflect the organization’s philosophy and its ability to evolve and assess its strategy to achieve its goals. Having a thorough understanding of the culture is essential to ensure the success of the recruitment process.

Organizations often identify the need to recruit because a position is left vacant or a new opportunity arises that requires the creation of a new position, however rarely do they take the time to assess the recruitment needs as part of the overall organizational outcomes. At Essence Recruitment, as your partner in the recruitment process, part of our role is to help you make sure that your new recruit will effectively contribute to your mission, share your vision, respect your values and deliver your commitments. Being able to complete the statement “my organization is…” is the first step.

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