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What makes us different than the rest?

May 09, 2018 Blog

In today’s market place where there’s an app for pretty much everything, what makes a profession and executive recruitment firm like Essence Recruitment different? IT’S YOU!

At Essence, our primary focus is you the client. Don’t give me wrong, technology is definitely an asset in the recruitment process, but we make sure we are not going to take the human out of the human resources.

To hire and retain the best candidates, companies need to demonstrate their human side – how they care and value their employees while pursuing their organizational goals. That’s where Essence comes in.

We work with you, the employer, to best showcase your values, culture and fit that include the opportunities you offer. As a recruitment firm, for us “working with you” means getting to know you, meeting your people, understanding your organization’s past and where it is headed, being an advocate for your organization and ultimately finding the best recruits possible to help you achieve your objectives.

And, because no two organizations are ever alike, we provide personalized services. We do it because we care about your success. The relationships we forge with our clients are definitely not cookie-cutter – they are flexible.

While some clients require us to handle every aspect of the recruitment process, others prefer “à-la-carte” services for some aspects of recruitment and people or organizational structure management.

  1. We listen to your needs.
  2. We provide recruitment and human resources advice to help you achieve goals.
  3. And, we partner with you to deliver the best potential employees for your organization.

What makes us different than other recruitment firms is the fact that you are special to us. It takes more than technology and a recruitment process to ultimately recruit the best candidate; it takes a partnership between you and the recruiter.

Your recruiter should know you, understand your needs, be able to tailor services to meet your expectations and have your best interest at heart.

At Essence we strive to be that partner every day because what makes us different is our special relationship with you.

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