How to Hire Right the FIRST Time!

July 10, 2017 Blog

So, you’ve decided it’s time to hire. Regardless of the reasons for which you’re recruiting someone new to your organization – whether it is to fill a vacancy, to create a brand new position or to complement your existing team – hiring the right person the first time matters. Whether your in-house human resources team handles the hiring process or if you retain the services of a recruitment firm, there are costs to hiring – costs in time and in cash. One of the ways to minimize these costs and reach your operational goals faster is to find the right person within the allocated time.

Of course, you could leave things up to chance and hope that your ad hoc hiring efforts pan out immediately. But, if you are truly intent on having the right person on staff in a timely fashion, you will want to develop a recruitment strategy and implement your plan methodically. Your strategy should always start with having a thorough understanding of the role and where it fits within the organization.  Other important elements include:

  • A well thought out job description that outlines the story of the role. It should provide the objectives of the position and expectations in terms of stretch goals and potential future development, while also being clear on the traits, skills, credentials and experience you are looking for in a candidate. Other information that is helpful can include some of the internal and external relationships necessary to be successful in the position and outline the culture and values of the organization.
  • An outline of the platforms and formats that you will use to advertise the position and the opportunities you will seek to promote the opening to potential pools of candidates, such as within professional organizations, is also an essential component of the strategy.
  • Developing a timeline and schedule for the various steps of the recruitment process is also crucial.
  • Communication between all stakeholders is essential.

Failure to strategize, an inadequate plan or mediocre implementation could lead to unfortunate results, such as hiring the wrong person, not finding appropriate candidates within the allocated time, or spending more than anticipated in advertising or other recruitment promotional costs. Often, in-house human resources departments, busy dealing with day-to-day personnel matters, do not have the time to strategize and undertake a thorough recruitment process.

So, finding the right recruitment firm may be the first step you need to take to ensure the success of your hiring process. A recruitment firm with experience in your region, an extensive network in a wide array of professional fields, a thorough understanding of the job market, proven expertise in tailoring recruitment strategies and a track record of lasting successful candidate placements could help ensure you recruit the right candidate once and for all, and do it on time and on budget.

Essence Recruitment specializes in working closely with organizations’ leadership and in-house human resources teams to customize strategies that meet the organization’s needs and will help enhance its overall performance. Their recruitment expertise is focused on the selection and hiring of the best-suited individual to fit the organizational culture, values, and goals. In the end, the right recruitment firm may save you time and money, demonstrating that it pays to hire the right person the first time!

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