Digging Deeper

January 24, 2018 Blog

At the beginning of every year I ask myself what is it that I do well, what value do I bring to my clients and what really makes Essence different than any other firms?

Although, every year brings its new slate of answers, there is one answer that remains constant and true year after year – it is that I take the time to ask the why?! At Essence, my colleagues and I start every recruitment assignment by taking the time to ask “why?” and then “what?”. We don’t just ask once, or twice or three times, we ask as many times as it takes to get to the bottom of the recruitment decision. To help our clients recruit the best candidate we – and they – need to fully understand what their organization’s needs are, and what the expected outcomes for the position and the individual who will fill it are. When we are done with the “why?/what?”, we move on to the “who?/when?” and finally we conclude with the “how?”.

Each recruitment is different, just like each organization is different; at Essence we work hard to take into account the differences. Digging deeper by asking the right questions ensures that the job description is accurate, that the reporting structure is sound and that the ultimate candidate profile is optimized; it’s all part of our success formula. That is why Essence is different and why we are successful. Digging deeper is time well spent.

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