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December 29, 2017 Blog

As 2017 comes to a close, I thought I would reflect on the advice, tools and food for thought I shared with you throughout the year. So if you missed any of my blog posts this year, here’s a quick recap for you.

  • Professional recruiters bring expertise in the design of the right position to meet operational objectives, the offer of fair rewards for the position, the delivery of pointed interviews to efficiently identify potential recruits, and finally the selection and attraction of the best candidate.
  • If you want your organization to continue to thrive, you need to know if you still have the best suited people in the right roles and whether they have what they need to be successful and to grow in their positions. A Talent Assessment will allow you to fully understand your organization and its potential limitations in terms of talent pool, people performance and organizational structure.
  • Many businesses assume that recruitment fees are out of their reach. If you can’t afford to go without XYZ’s position being filled for long. If the vacancy is affecting productivity and employees’ moral and efficiency. If hiring the wrong candidate will cost the organization too much in the long run. And, if your internal human resources team does not have the manpower, resources, job market knowledge and sourcing ability to find the best candidate for the job. Then you cannot afford not to partner with a professional recruiter to ensure you hire the right candidate in the least amount of time, to deliver the results you expect.
  • Organizations often identify the need to recruit because a position is left vacant or a new opportunity arises that requires the creation of a new position, however rarely do they take the time to assess the recruitment needs as part of the overall organizational outcomes. Being able to complete the statement “my organization is…” is the first step to developing a successful recruitment strategy.
  • Failure to strategize, an inadequate plan or mediocre implementation could lead to unfortunate results, such as hiring the wrong person, not finding appropriate candidates within the allocated time, or spending more than anticipated in advertising or other recruitment promotional costs. A recruitment firm with experience in your region, an extensive network in a wide array of professional fields, a thorough understanding of the job market, proven expertise in tailoring recruitment strategies and a track record of lasting successful candidate placements could help ensure you recruit the right candidate once and for all, and do it on time and on budget.
  • The more in-depth knowledge of your organization and its internal and external environments your recruiter will have, the better prepared they will be to recruit the best candidate for the job on your behalf. Hiring is not just about finding someone with the knowledge, skills and experience for the job. It’s about finding the right person that will fit within your organizational culture and will be able to thrive and help the organization continuously improve and grow.
  • Knowing the organization, its history, its values, its culture and its vision is a definite requirement to ensure that recruiters can source the right candidates. For Essence recruiters that means doing the necessary thorough preparation work with the organization to find the candidates with the personal and interpersonal attributes as well as values that will complement the organization and help it grow.
  • Recruitment firms find the right people for specific positions and organizations. However, in that process we do have to connect with people, and that is where job hunters come into play. When people looking to make a job or career move reach out to us, we may not be able to connect them instantly to an open position, yet we may be a good source of leads just as they may be a potential future candidate should the right opportunity arise.
  • Here’s a sample list of questions I developed so potential candidates can focus on the big picture and better market themselves for the right position:
    • What are your values and what is a good fit for you?
    • What are your career goals and what is the right position for you in the short term and the long term?
    • What are the main highlights of your career so far and how they could be of interest to your next employer?
    • How have you progressed over the years in terms of experience, continuing education, and skillset?
    • What are your transferable skills and competencies that make you valuable?
    • What are the accomplishments and experiences that would add value and make you the right candidate for the position?
    • What are your expectations of an employer and the company’s culture?
  • Three ingredients for successful recruitment – relationships, fit and communication. The relationships to really get to know your organizations and your people. Making sure there’s the right fit between the new hire and the organization, because the most educated and best skilled recruit may not succeed in a new position without it. We effectively and respectfully communicate with our clients and potential candidates, seek input and feedback and share information.

2018 is a new year and your favourite recruiters at Essence Recruitment will be there to help you find and hire the right people that will contribute to your organization’s success for years to come.

Happy Holidays and all the best for the New Year from Nicole, Joanne and Tracy!

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