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Would You Rather Have a Service Provider or a Partner? It’s your choice!

August 24, 2017 Blog

You’ve realized that you need the expertise of a recruiting firm to ensure you hire the right people, at the right time and within the right budget.

Now what? Some would think that it’s just a matter of providing the recruiting firm with the job description and voila! Not so fast!

To speak frankly, the outcome of the hiring process will also depend on the relationship you establish with the recruiter. Are you just merely looking for a firm to deliver its services or are you looking for a firm that will actually care about your organization’s future and ensure that the candidate recruited will help you flourish?

There is more to retaining a recruiting firm than just merely providing a job description, A conscious decision to establish a partnership with the recruiting firm generally leads to even better hiring success. So what does that partnership look like? It means going beyond the job description. It’s about treating the recruiter as one of your own. In practical terms some of the elements required to develop a rewarding partnership with the recruiting firm may include:

  • Taking the time at the onset to present and discuss your organization’s history, values, vision, goals and commitments with your recruiter so they can gain a thorough understanding of its culture and mission.
  • Getting to know the recruiter, the firm’s values, the extent of the services they provide and the ways in which they deliver these services.
  • Collaborating with the recruiter to ensure that all the necessary elements for a successful recruitment process are in place. It means evaluating and potentially improving the job description you prepared, possibly tweaking the organizational structure, as well as establishing the best possible timeline, job-marketing plan and budget.
  • Keeping your recruiter informed of consequential changes within your organizations, including organizational, operational and location changes. Anything that impacts the organization’s employees, the culture and mission, which could have an impact on the recruitment process and/or the type of candidate required.
  • Checking-in with your recruiter from time to time, outside of the recruitment process, to stay abreast of fluctuations in the job market and to keep them informed of the evolution of your organization, industry or field.

Really, your imagination is the only limit to what you can do to ensure that both parties gain a better understanding of each other and deepen their relationship in the process.

The more in-depth knowledge of your organization and its internal and external environments your recruiter will have, the better prepared they will be to recruit the best candidate for the job on your behalf.

Hiring is not just about finding someone with the knowledge, skills and experience for the job. It’s about finding the right person that will fit within your organizational culture and will be able to thrive and help the organization continuously improve and grow. A partnership with the recruitment firm sets the stage for even more successful hiring, retention and recruitment consistency in the future.

At Essence Recruitment, we place a particular emphasis on developing partnerships with our clients. We want to see your organizations prosper by hiring and retaining qualified high-performing individuals. Through the delivery of our services, we are committed to contribute to your success. We rely on our unique relationship-based approach with our clients, a wide range of organizations across industries and fields and as many individuals as possible.

We believe it takes commitment from both the organization and the recruitment firm to build a partnership, so what do you say? Are you ready to start building our partnership today?

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